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Microchip Registration

Our one-time fee of $20.00 per animal protects your pet for life. You will never be charged a fee for information updates or recovery assistance. By registering with Homeward Bound you are also helping animals less fortunate than yours; a portion of each fee will be used for relief of animals in crisis situations and to advance education on animal related issues.

Microchips are about the same size as a grain of rice and are coded with a unique number that may be registered with our Homeward Bound Animal Recovery program. The microchip is injected between the shoulder blades under the skin, much like a vaccine. Once the pet is injected and your registration with Homeward Bound Pet is completed, your animal will be permanently registered in a nationwide database.

These microchips are an excellent idea for breeders of purebred animals and pet owners. They ensure that your animals can always be identified.

The Professional's System

A chip is only as good as the system that tracks it! The Homeward Bound Chip is backed by United All Breed Registry, The Professional Pet Industry, and the Homeward Bound Network.

When you choose to microchip your pet, you have made a commitment to do more than just care for these animals; you have taken steps to protect them as well. The identification system provider you select should make an equal, if not greater, commitment.

The Homeward Bound system was designed with pet owners in mind.

Supporting You When Your Pet Is Lost

The purpose behind this system is simple. We want to help lost pets be reunited with their owners. In the event that your pet is lost or if there is a disaster in your area, Homeward Bound Pet is here to help bring your pet home. Begin protecting your pet by registering today.