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About Us

Homeward Bound Pet offers everything you need for pet identification and recovery. For pet professionals, we offer great prices on quality microchips and scanners. For pet owners, we offer top-of-the-line registration and recovery services as well as sales of individual microchips.

Universal Microchip Lookup Tool

Homeward Bound Pet is proud to be a participant in the best thing that ever happened for our pets, the Universal Microchip Lookup Tool, an online search engine powered by the American Animal Hospital Association. In the past, when a lost animal was brought to a shelter or veterinary office, they had to make numerous calls trying to locate the information on the pet owner. Often, they didn't know where to call and just gave up. But thanks to AAHA and the Universal Lookup Tool, a microchip is entered once and if it is registered with any of a dozen or so dependable microchip registries, the hotline number for that registry pops up in an instant. One phone call to our 24/7/365 hotline and that pet's owner has been found. 

For Pet Owners

We sell individual microchips at affordable prices, and offer you comprehensive recovery services. Before a pet is lost, create a complete pet profile, with a recent photo, on our website. This data can be updated as often as necessary, completely free. Then read our online guide How To Find Your Lost Pet. Here you'll get tested and proven strategies for locating your pet quickly, based on years of data on pet recovery. If your pet is missing, you can print flyers directly from your pet's profile, with a photo and all the pertinent information automatically loading into the flyer. While you are conducting your search, our 24/7 operators are standing by, waiting for a call from the finder. 

For Pet Professionals

Veterinarians, shelters, pet breeders and others will enjoy our low, low prices on excellent quality microchips. We offfer even greater discounts on bulk purchases. In addition, we ship a free handheld scanner with your first order of 100 or more microchips. Since a microchipped pet can't find it's way home unless that chip is registered to someone, we also include attractive, easy activation cards with every microchip we sell. 

Homeward Bound Microchips

  • Smaller than a grain of rice
  • 1/3 smaller syringe than standard
  • Narrower, finer needle
  • ISO compliant frequency 134.2kHz or US 125kHz (your choice)
  • Readable with all universal scanners
  • Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide Gas
  • Parylene anti-migration coating (bio-compatible)
  • Packaged with 6 peel-n-stick barcode labels
  • Meet all ICAR standards
  • Approved for use in pets by USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • Must be activated by owner registration